The NFL faced a serious problem when it came to the coronavirus, much the same as every other sporting industry. The NFL was subject to almost 1 million covid tests and had to deal with cancellations and potential losses from ticket sales and travel packages. In order to make it through the 2020 season, NFL players had to make significant changes to their lives, switching up their football habits and embracing ample covid-19 mitigation tactics: 

  • Quarterback for the Chiefs Patrick Mahomes made his barber take a covid test before he gave Patrick a trim.
  • The former quarterback for the Lions, Matthew Stafford, used a private plane to get to Minneapolis and spent a week in isolation in his hotel, starting a game without participating in any group practices.
  • One of the offensive linemen for the Browns, Michael Dunn, prepared himself for the NFL playoff by doing his drills outside in the parking lot of a nearby apartment building with his girlfriend calling out fake signals to help him train.
  • The Broncos team converted one of their receivers from the practice squad to the starting quarterback with only one day of notice.
  • Quarterback for the Jets Sam Darnold forced his family to undergo extended NFL covid protocols so that they could have a family Christmas.

Precautions Paying Off

In spite of all of these headaches and precautions, it seems that everything paid off. Players were allowed to go back to training camp on July 28 and the NFL, in the end, only postponed a total of 5 from its total 256 regularly scheduled games. Only 10 of those regularly scheduled games had to be moved to accommodate changes to the postponement, but not a single game was cancelled.

Staying Strong

This was all thanks in large part to the robust system the NFL adopted to mitigate covid risk among all of their personnel. The overall positive rate of infection from almost 1 million tests of employees and players has remained 0.07 6%. This rate is significantly lower than the 6.8% national average because NFL facilities and teams were converted to their safest possible levels of precaution and as such, losses from ticket sales were minimized and the opportunity for fans to still enjoy their favourite sports remained.  

UK travel to US sports events remains prevalent, particularly due to specialized travel packages and NFL travel packages being widely distributed to fans who remained fans throughout all of the pandemic. These NFL travel packages offer customized travel, including flights, hotels, as well as tickets to selected NFL games. The special packages are bundle programs that offer fans from all over the world a cheaper way to select the games they want to see, and support the team’s they like the most. 

Travel and covid precautions remain in effect in many places and teams are still making sure that they adhere to the precautions which have so far proven effective, so effective in fact that the CDC is making multiple case studies out of the measures used by the NFL. To that end, people travelling from the UK to US sporting events using NFL travel packages can help their teams by doing their part in safely travelling and limiting exposure.

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Working together fans can honour the sacrifices made by team members and still support their favourite teams throughout the upcoming seasons. If the NFL can successfully avoid a serious outbreak in a highly competitive industry with a lot of physical contact.