Bons casino knows everything about Indian football. The history of soccer in India has never been anything special. It certainly existed in the life of the country, but the Indians themselves did not pay attention to it, choosing other popular games, such as cricket. This is despite the fact that the official year of the appearance of soccer in the country can be considered 1890, when the first soccer championship was founded IFA (Indian Football Association). But India did not pay due attention to this sport in its struggle for independence. But on the fact that it is the number 1 sport in the world that could still make its way into the hearts of the people of India.

Promotion of soccer in India

Attracting people’s attention to the sport can be done in two ways – by holding major championships on their territory and victories of their country’s national team over others. And India started with the second option. Omit the fact that their national team qualified for the FIFA World Cup 1950 in Brazil, this event had no effect. But victory in the Nehru Cup in 2007 led people to believe that in this sport, too, they can achieve serious heights. And they really repeated this success, again beating Syria in the final of the same Nehru Cup just 2 years later.

Soccer began to have more and more spectators and the first record was set when India got access to the first way to popularize soccer, which we wrote about above – its own major tournament. The 2017 Fifa U-17 World Cup chained more than 1.3 million viewers to their TV screens. Hosting a tournament like this isn’t just an image victory. It is also building infrastructure, which after the cup will help young people learn soccer, it is an exchange of experience between local coaches and international professionals, it is also new jobs. And the success of the championship allowed India to host the 2020 U-17 Women’s World Cup.

It also helped the ISL(Indian Super League), which was founded not too long ago in 2013, get back on its feet. It is one of the fastest-growing leagues and has already ranked in the world’s top 5 in average viewership at matches. They are second only to the English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A, surpassing such championships as Ligue 1 (France) and Liga MX (Mexico).

Sometimes even quite unconventional circumstances come into play. For instance, famous Bollywood stars like Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor play a big role in the popularity of soccer. They actively promote their love for the sport and often make appearances in stadiums and are always ready to support their national team.

Soccer betting in India

Bons betting, which helps in the popularization of soccer, deserves a separate mention. Initially, it was for this purpose and created this type of gambling. The point was not so much to make money as to ignite interest in the sport. At that time, there wasn’t your favorite team or national team yet, often specific individuals were fighting or competing with each other without any affiliation. So what made you root for them more? The fact that there was money on them. Fashion and history often move in cycles and today we can see similar processes in India. At a time when the Indian League was not yet that popular domestically, people were looking to bet on those contests that were available from betting organizations. Naturally, these were games from the world’s most popular championships, as well as the Champions League and the Europa League. By placing a bet on a particular match, the player began to follow the course of events and thus became more and more familiar with the sport, even though the teams that were playing were not initially close to him. With the boom of soccer within India, the betting industry began to develop even more strongly. After all, now emotions are also involved – Indians are betting on their favorite teams, bringing the level of heat during the match to incredible heights.

Football Betting Tips

There are so many experts in betting and match prediction on the internet these days that we don’t want to become just another voice in the crowd. Bons casino can only advise you to stick to the basic rules and think with a cool head. The most important thing in betting is:

  1. Choosing a betting organization. What’s the point of gambling if you’re not sure you’ll get your winnings paid? Make sure that the organization you turn to is honest like Bons betting, read reviews, and find out the license number. Look at the number of withdrawal methods and only then make a decision.
  2. Do not bet more than you can afford to lose. It is not a good idea to consider betting as your main source of income. You may be told about some guy’s success story, but you will never be told about those who have lost everything. Bet to raise interest in the match, to tickle your nerves, but never give away the last, hoping to win back, pay off debts, etc. It’s always good to start with a low deposit betting.
  3. Bet only in the championships you know well. It is stupid to bet only on the basis of knowing that Messi plays in this team, without knowing the complete squad, opponents, general mood, the importance of the match for both teams, etc. In the end, Messi might not even show up on the field.

The last tip is especially important for gamblers. Knowledge in this case is a major resource that will help you raise odds. For example, did you know that there is a bet where a player tries to guess who will start the match? Probably many would say that the home team starts, but it’s not all that clear-cut. Usually a coin is tossed and the winner chooses either side or possession of the ball. So, the Liverpool players always choose a side to be 100% on the side of their fans in the second half. Consequently, the chance that they are not the ones to open the match is 50/50, but it’s not that simple. Their opponent may not want to pick a side and take possession by winning a coin, which in total gives a bet on any Liverpool home match a 75% chance, which is not small. And this kind of information can only be learned by being a true soccer fan. That’s why we advise you not to listen to *experts* in this business, especially those who ask money for their tips. If they are so knowledgeable and confident in their predictions, then they should make money only at their expense. And you need to make your own decisions and always put pleasure before money.