Most people dream of having their swimming pool in their backyard one day. This guide will help those who cannot decide which of the two they want between the inground and above-ground swimming pools. There are many facets to consider when picking the best swimming pool; budget, landscape, plans, and lifestyle. The above-ground pools are affordable and easy to build, while inground pools provide a unique appearance and experience. 


The cost of inground swimming pools ranges from $30000 to $70000, whether concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl. Most people may complain or see this price range as quite big, but it is realistic and honest; advertisement for installations at lower costs is not correct. Even if the body may be installed at a lower price, they may not include electrical connection, decking or patios around the pool, accessories such as solar pool covers for inground pools, and landscaping. Factors such as the size, type, and options greatly influence the price range, but $30k to $70k is a realistic range. Aboveground swimming pools are installed at an affordable price, ranging from $4000 to $12000 without the decking. The decking can sometimes be more expensive than the pool itself.

Pool Size and Design

Aboveground pools offer few pool features, shapes, and depth. Most are either rectangular or round with a uniform depth of not more than five feet. On the other hand, inground pools can be made in any depth, size, or shape, while most are rectangular, kidney-shaped, oval, and lagoon-style are options. Inground pools can be swallowed for kids and make some areas deeper for experienced swimmers.

Optional Features

The difference in features between aboveground and inground pools in terms of optional features is like day and night. A typical above-ground pool is a fixed vinyl liner that can only have lighting and ladder added; the only thing that can be added is a deck around. Inground pools have various options from shallow decks for kids, in-pool benches to steps. An Inground pool pump guide can integrate a hot tub, infinity edges, waterfalls, and more.


Aboveground pools are easy and take less time to install since they only require a level piece of land. Inground pools are complex, requiring excavation which might prove difficult if the builders hit obstructions, groundwater, or bedrock. The pool’s location should have ample enough access space for large equipment and local zoning laws to tackle. Inground pools take from six to eight weeks for construction and installation work. Aboveground pool installation can be done in a couple of days if the terrain is clear and flat; the only time-consuming thing is the additional deck.

Safety and Maintenance

Inground pools require more maintenance than aboveground ones. Many owners opt to hire a pool contractor for the job. In terms of safety, all pools, even shallow ones, are a risk for children when left unattended; one should consider fencing and ladder locks or secure gates to the pool area.