It is a hobby of many, playing games. This also includes sports, after all, football, tennis or other team sports are also games. But sports and games are not without dangers. It can lead to injury. We are not talking about a game of pool or a computer game, but about laser gaming and sports such as football.

Injuries in sports and games

Often when we play a game or sport we only think of the pleasure it brings and rightly so! In the first place it is also relaxing and sport is good for you. But it can also go wrong. Many accidents happen every year. A fall while playing laser games or a serious injury as a result of a serious foul during a football game.

If you are injured as a result of sports or games, you will have to deal with personal injury. You can hire a personal injury attorney for this. In some countries such as the Netherlands this is free. You can then make free use of, for example, a personal injury lawyer in Utrecht. (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Utrecht)

Harmful consequences of injury in sports and games

The consequences of injury during sports and play can be enormous. It can lead to hospitalization and permanent injury. This can cause damage. For example, it may be that someone is no longer able to practice his profession as a result of the injury. For example, in the event of a serious leg injury; a waiter or waitress can no longer stand all day and certainly no longer walk a full working day. This will result in incapacity for work. This can sometimes be recovered. A personal injury lawyer can advise on this. In several countries this is free of charge, including in the Netherlands. Here the costs of legal assistance are paid by the liable party or its liability insurer. For example, you can use a free personal injury lawyer in The Hague (in Dutch: Letselschade advocaat in Den Haag)

In many countries you will be paid in the event of incapacity for work, but this obligation to continue to pay wages stops after a certain period. And self-employed persons are not always insured against incapacity for work in the event of injury or only for a certain amount per month.

In addition to labor damage, there are many other damage items that can come into play if you are injured during a game or sport. For example, there may be a limitation in the area of ​​the household because you can no longer perform certain tasks due to the injury. Other loss items are medical costs, travel costs to doctors and the company doctor, costs for help in the maintenance of a home and costs for adjustments to the house.

Sorrow money

In addition to all costs and loss of income that you suffer as a result of an accident, you are also entitled to compensation. Compensation for pain and grief that you have had as a result of an accident. For example, pain due to a broken bone and sadness because you must give up your hobby of playing football. In addition, compensation for grievances is compensation for anger, frustration and anxiety symptoms. Because fear can also be the result of an accident.

Sorrow money cannot be valued on money, because how do you estimate the damage for pain, grief or psychological complaints. In various countries, compensation for damages is dealt in different ways. In some countries, other personal injury cases are looked at and the compensation for personal injury is calculated in this way. But there are several methods to determine the compensation.