Remember the mid-’00s? Well, yeah! How could you not?! A confusing post 9/11 time of George W, flip phones, and Paris Hilton hysteria. The fact that it seems like it was so long ago nowadays only brings nostalgia to our decade-old hearts.

That said, it was also an amazing time for basketball in general, featuring some of the most beloved stars to ever grace the shiny court. Everyone remembers T-Mac, Kobe (The Black Mamba), Carmelo Anthony, and Vince Carter, among others. But we’re not here to talk about these all-time greats, we’re here for some juicy stuff that occurred in dimly lighted backrooms of Delaware County.

Earlier this month, we’ve seen the release of the long-anticipated Randall Battinkoff’s sports drama, titled “Inside Game.” The film follows three childhood friends on a greedy path of illegal betting, through various mischievous situations which inevitably lead to court. Starring Will Sasso, Scott Wolf, and Eric Mabius, this true story brings us an interesting conclusion which we’ll share with you.

True Story

Making a plan together, NBA referee Tim Donaghy, bookmaker Bubba Batista, and the troublesome drug-dealer Tommy Martino find themselves living the dream by making big money on bets based on the information Donaghy received directly from the dressing rooms. Everything seemed great; money was flowing, expensive lifestyles were born, and the sky was the limit for them. Unfortunately, like in all rise-and-fall stories ever told, the carpet beneath them was quickly moved.

Unknowingly, the FBI found out about their unlawful activities through an unrelated mob investigation. The end of their perfect crime was soon to come, crashing their dreams of easy money like a tidal wave. All three of the conspirators ended up convicted for their felonies, serving time behind bars.

Since then, Donaghy acknowledged his personal flaws and sins, touring the USA in various press conferences preceding the film’s release. In a recent interview he gave, the former referee stated that he made poor choices back then and crossed lines which professionals should never do. Living a new and reformed life, he left his troubled past behind, swearing never to return to the other side of the law.

A Thought to Ponder About

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If only the Delaware County betting gang knew about this, they would have never ended up in such a bad place. Donaghy’s bright and promising career wouldn’t have come to a disgraceful and bitter end. Although, if things hadn’t happened the way they did, we wouldn’t have had such a fun and intriguing piece of movie-making. Life’s not always a peach, and that’s why people need to try their luck in a right and proper way.


The 2000s brought us lots of weird and memorable stuff to enjoy along the way. Famous basketball players all over the NBA league, exciting seasons, and sport defining games. But all of that stood in the background when push came to shove, and the news of this scandal came to life. Everyone remembers the media outrage in the aftermath of it all, and how the regularity of refereeing took a sudden blow out of the blue.

Remember to check the movie out; it’s a delicious piece of filmmaking if you’re a basketball fan and a sports person in general. It seems like a perfect thing to do after a hard day of work, watching the film on your couch with some popcorn and a beverage of your choice. 

Also, while watching, ask yourself if you’d rather try your luck in a legal environment offering you real money or in an-all out Goodfellas from Delaware style. Yeah, it’s all fun and games when you see it on the silver screen, but the reality is always miles away from what you’re presented with by the movie industry.

Anyway, it looks like the new season is going to be the best one in a long time. Keep following us, and don’t miss out on any action going on behind the scenes!