The party was at an “oceanside shindig” in San Francisco to which he arrived by yacht, according to tweets. 

Video  shows Curry hefting a plate piled high with ribs. Live music was provided by E-40. Hayley Williams sang Curry happy birthday, and TMZ reported the man of the hour himself took the stage to perform some Rick James karaoke (show of hands of those assuming “Super Freak” was one of his selections).

Teammates Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson were in attendance, which noted, “Steph looked happy as hell the whole night.”

Looks like China Klay made a surprise appearance at Steph’s bday party as well. Salute!

And that looked like one hell of a party. The Warriors actually cancelled practice today so the players could recover from an epic bash. The Warriors are the closest thing we have to the 90’s Chicago Bulls.