Time is a relative concept. There is a wise saying that goes like: Nothing is stronger than time, or Time is the strongest of all. Therefore, all must bow down to time for it is the supreme performer, and could help everyone to reach their destined places. In analogy to the money market, this time concept could be well explained. Money market features with money options which are traded through an exchange, and each stakeholder is willing to maximize his own profit share. There are new comers in the market who would earn big with their luck acting as an angel on their shoulders, and there are veterans who would lose a big sum of money due to their faulty speculation of market performance.  Therefore, time is the performer who makes and destroys names. But zeroing in on the star performer in the money market, it is inevitable that he would invest in the current forms of money.

Currency with no growth value

As far as coins minted and notes issued by the government are concerned, there is no point to consider that these currency objects do have the capability of growing on their own. Growing in the sense that their value does not increase with time. Appreciation and depreciation of money might play a handy role in determining the growth concepts in the foreign exchange market, but there is no growth in the face value. Similarly, inflation and deflation, which are local concepts, might make a person feel about increase in the value of money, that is true because of an effective change in purchasing power, but this is not so. Increase in the face value might be parallel to earning money with the currency. 

Growing money with existing forms of money is an investment. If the wealth in hand is invested into some growth prospect, it will earn the money for the investor. Thus, an invested sum of money will gain additional sum of money, and this is how the growth could be explained. The onus is over the person concerned to either keep the currency or wealth in hand idle, or he could just start looking for opportunities that would help him gain more value to be added to his wealth. 

Bitcoins with excellent growth value

As far as the best option to invest in is concerned, majority of speculators would come up with different ideas. The sets of respective investment options could be so diverse that it might confuse a learner to make sense of it. But, when noticed clearly, the intersection of all their sets would show up with a very new concept of Bitcoin. Bitcoins have not been present in the market for decades, and thus, making it a strange concept for a few, but, the silver lining is that it has been in existence for more than a decade, as of now. The silver lining also engulfs that fact that many people know about it, and have already made their fortune with investment into Bitcoins.

Bitcoins came into existence in 2009 when an unknown source launched it into the market, and it was difficult for people to believe in the concept. By then, it was a sort of unknown money market investment option in which hardly anyone would have wanted to believe. 

But, 11 years later, it has shown its true colour. There has been a monumental rise in the value of Bitcoins, and this is the kind of growth that everyone would want to have. It has been behaving much like pitchengine.com forms in the market, but to be true and exact, when compared against the purchasing power it holds in the current time as compared to the time when it was first invested in, the growth has been astonishing. There is no additional interests owing to the investment, nor are there any sorts of dividends beings distributed. But, the demand and supply of Bitcoins as a commodity has worked wonders for the investors. As of now, the demand for Bitcoins is soaring ever higher, but the supply is limited for the coins were issued in a limited quantity. Everyone needs a piece of it, and hence, investing in the current forms of money might be more rewarding than ever.