Looks like Conor Mcgregor has outwore his welcome at one pub. 

The owner of an Irish bar in Florida has destroyed his supply of Conor McGregor’s Proper Twelve whiskey after a video emerged of the Irish UFC star appearing to assault an older man at a pub in Dublin.

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Sean Rice, who operates the Salty Shamrock bar in Florida, uploaded a video to the internet of him flushing several bottles of the UFC star’s branded whiskey down the toilet.

Rice made the decision to dump the whiskey after released CCTV footage, which appeared to show the former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion throwing a punch at a man who apparently refused a glass of McGregor’s own brand of Irish whiskey.

In a video he uploaded to Facebook, Rice can be seen disposing of the liquor, adding that McGregor is not a “true representative of the Irish people“.

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