Bingo has been around for a long time. It is a game that many millions of people around the world absolutely adore, and in the UK it is something of a national pastime. It is such a simple yet exciting game that it’s no wonder people truly love playing it – view more.

The fact that bingo halls are closing is not such a problem for lovers of the game. There are now hundreds of sites online that will offer the bingo experience, and you don’t even have to leave your house. Plus, if it’s the social aspect that appeals, you can still use the chat features and have great conversations even if you’re not physically with one another. It’s an ideal solution and it means that bingo can be enjoyed by many more people, even those who might not ordinarily have had the time to spare. 

Bingo has already evolved a lot from its humble beginnings, and the fact that you can play a game with people from all over the world is one of its more impressive feats. Not only that, but the prizes on these linked games are massive, totalling in the hundreds of thousands or even higher. It’s a far cry from the small amounts of cash that people used to win. Another fantastic addition to bingo’s arsenal is the fact that it can be played online and on the go thanks to apps that can be downloaded to personal mobile devices. 

Yet, as with everything, bingo needs to keep evolving in order to stay exciting and relevant to everyone who plays, and to capture new players over time. Here are some ideas about why might happen during the rest of this year and beyond. 


VR, or virtual reality, is something that many people are beginning to bring into their lives. It’s a fantastic way of experiencing something that feels and looks real, but that is actually just a virtual world. Some VR programs are so good that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between them and real life. 

When it comes to bingo, online sites are amazing and give so many people the chance to play, and because bingo halls are closing more often than not, it is a fresh new outlet for both practised and new players to enjoy. However, there are some who do truly miss the social aspect, the atmosphere, and the general feeling that attending a bingo hall gives. For them, a VR version of bingo gives them the best of both worlds. It will feel like a real experience but it can be played online for bigger prizes and more convenience. 

Geared Towards Younger Players

There is always a big shift in the demographics of those who play bingo. Whereas it used to be a game that was mainly played by the over 60s (as well as their families who might have come along to play with them), today there is a big change afoot. More and more younger people are finding that bingo is an exciting, fun pastime, and it is this that the bingo game makers and the companies that run the games are going to have to think carefully about. 

In order to make bingo look as fresh and exciting as possible, they are going to have to determine how to advertise to the demographic they most want to encourage to play. There is a chance that this might alienate those who have been long time players of bingo, but advertisers and game controllers are going to need to decide what they want most; to keep the loyal players happy or to bring in fresh blood. 

It is likely to be the latter, especially since there is already a large number of younger people playing. Appealing to them and offering prizes and games that they will enjoy is going to be a big change and something that might surprise a lot of people. 

Different Games

You might assume that bingo is bingo and that the game is the same no matter where you go. This was indeed true. Bingo hadn’t change too much in terms of gameplay for many years. The future is looking different though. 

Just as with slots which had stayed the same for over 60 years before any real changes were made, bingo as a game has always been played in the same way. Until recently, that is. Recently changes have meant that games are now themed (online at least) with all kinds of different ideas floating around. For example, there are games that are themed around drag queens and animals and trips away and movies and much more. You can now take your pick and not only play bingo but play it in the way you really like. 

As well as this there are chances to play with more or fewer numbers, to play video bingo or online or traditional. 


It’s strange to think of bingo as a modern game or something that will impress and entice younger generations, but that is definitely how it is now. And that means that people are working hard behind the scenes to make sure that those younger people stay playing, and that more join them. 

It is an almost unrecognisable game when you really start looking at it. Although the gameplay is similar, there are so many different options available now and so many ways to play that for those who might have been playing 50 years ago, it will look entirely different. 

How will it look in another 50 years? Will it be more different still? Will we be using cryptocurrency to pay so we can play? Will the rewards be even bigger, including houses and round the world trips and multimillion pound payouts? 

Whatever happens, it is unlikely that bingo is going to disappear from our lives altogether. It is such a beloved game and so much a part of the fabric of society that this can never be allowed to happen.