Breast augmentation is cosmetic surgery whose aim is to increase breast size. More women in Baton Rouge are seeking breast augmentation in Baton Rouge for various reasons. Some do it to rebuild the breast after a medical condition, while others do it to boost their confidence. Plastic Surgeon – Taylor Theunissen is one of the best breast augmentation surgeons in Baton Rouge.  

Breast augmentation is becoming popular in Baton Rouge because more women are becoming conscious of their appearance. Some want a youthful appearance, while others seek breast reconstruction after battling breast cancer. Breast enlargement is also seen as a normal cosmetic treatment by many. 

There are several reasons behind the increase in demand for breast augmentation in Baton Rouge. This article will look at the driving force behind the rise in demand. 

Significant Weight Loss

One of the downsides of losing significant weight is the breast size also decreases. Some women wish to lose weight but would be happy to retain their breast size. Unfortunately, this is not how it works. 

Weight loss naturally reduces breast size, so some women choose to increase their breast size artificially. For some, breast augmentation is a reward for meeting their weight loss goals.  

The Attitude Towards Breast Surgeries Has Changed.

Once upon a time, breast augmentation was seen as surgery for celebrities and the elite. It seemed to be beyond the reach of regular folk. 

Today, walking into a clinic and requesting breast enlargement is as ordinary as asking for other treatments. Since society is not as critical as it once was, more women are open to the idea of using breast implants to improve their physical appearance. 

Availability Of More Plastic Surgery Experts

When you conduct a simple search of clinics offering plastic surgery in Baton Rouge, you will find several offering breast augmentation. Easy access to some of the most sought-after plastic surgeons has given many women the confidence to seek solutions, especially when they are not happy with their breast size or appearance. 

Today’s Fashion Focuses On The Chest And Cleavage.

You will undoubtedly find one common feature in most outfits when you flip through fashion magazines. The styles look great on women with larger breasts and those with cleavage. Unfortunately, people with small breasts cannot boast of having a cleavage. 

Fortunately, one doesn’t need to justify why they need to enlarge their breasts. If you want it and can afford it, the doctors will do it. 

The Increased Success Of Breast Enlargement Surgeries.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has for years indicated that breast augmentation had been one of the top 5 cosmetic surgical treatments since 2006. In 2020, close to 200,000 procedures were carried out. 

A few decades back, many people were skeptical about the safety of breast enlargement surgeries. However, the success rates have inspired more women to request the treatment. 

These are some of the reasons behind the rise in the number of women requesting breast augmentation treatments. Fortunately, Baton Rouge has enough specialists to meet the demand.