In the world of cryptocurrency, there are two clear frontrunners for which coin will carry us into the future: Bitcoin and Ether. Both have distinct advantages, and operate in fundamentally quite different ways to address different needs. 

One of the biggest applications of cryptocurrencies has been in online betting and gambling. Naturally, then, the big question on a lot of people’s minds is which crypto to use for betting. Bitcoin is well established as a coin for betting, but what about ether? 

There are, in fact, many advantages to Ether over its main rival. Today, we’re going to look at some of the biggest. 

Let’s get started. 

  • Faster transactions

Bitcoin has exploded in popularity. That is easy to see for anyone. Ether has as well, naturally, but simply not to the same degree. Though this might make you naturally move towards Bitcoin, the number of transactions being processed per minute being reduced is actually advantageous. 

With Ether, because there is considerably less traffic on the network, transactions tend to be processed 3-4 times faster and this is why casinos like mBit choose to offer Ether. This means everything, from withdrawals to deposits. Everything winds up being faster. 

Thus you can get playing more quickly when you want to make a deposit, and you can withdraw and enjoy your winnings more quickly when you make a successful bet. What’s not to love about that? 

Bitcoin has many advantages, but it’s hard to deny that the transactions have become slower and slower over the years. Until something is done to address that, it will be an advantage Ether has. 

  • Price 

The other obvious one is the price. At around $3-4000 USD per coin, Ether is at a far more reasonable market price than Bitcoin. Though you can, of course, just buy the fractions that you need, the less inflated market of Ethereum makes finding a competitive price much easier. 

The simple fact is you will be spending less for more on Ether than you would on Bitcoin. There may be fewer places you can use these coins, but if you can find your niche, you’ll be able to get a greater number of coins for less money. 

Again, the secondary popularity of Ether is not a strike against its useability. If anything, it means it has many advantages over Bitcoin. One of the others is about volatility. 

  • Volatility 

You can call Bitcoin many things, but there’s one thing you can never say about it: that it is stable. The price fluctuates wildly over time, and though it might stay in roughly the same place for a few weeks at a time, it could dip at any moment. 

This could mean you buy a bulk of Bitcoin, and then a day later it is worth half as much. 

Ether is not completely free of this problem, but it is certainly massively more stable. As I said, the price has remained consistently around $4000, so you can invest for betting with certainty that your coins won’t lose their value before you can make your winnings. 

Equally, you can be sure that you can let your winnings sit in your account for a while without the urgent need to cash out. 

Ether plainly has many advantages over its rival, then. for one thing, the mere fact that Bitcoin has become so much more popular means that its rivals can easily lean into the lower transaction times, fees and initial cost of purchasing the coin. While both Bitcoin and Ether are good for gambling, if you are wondering which to choose, at the minute the best choice may indeed by Ether.