The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses that feature a lot of people gathering in one place like gyms and clubs to close to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Most people that loved training in gyms are now forced to work out at home. Those who are lucky enough to have enough extra space in their homes have the luxury of buying a variety of gym equipment. However, those who have limited space are forced to forego some equipment and settle for those that provide the maximum benefit. Both hydrow and peloton are good at-home work-out machines, but hydrow seems to have an edge over peloton for several reasons. It is no wonder this machine is a DynasysTech favorite. Here is why hydrow could be better than peloton.

A Mix of Old School and Smart Tech

Peloton is a good cardio machine, but hydrow gives you a mix of cardio and strength workouts. With its smart technology feature, hydrow allows you to access a variety of work-out programs that give you a full-body work-out. Unlike the traditional rowing machine in which you just repeat the same monotonous movement, this machine has a tablet fixed in front as a display. It takes you through on-demand or live work-out sessions to keep them interesting and keep you engaged. A live trainer enables you to get more from your work-out than you would if you were doing it alone. You also have the advantage of mixing up your workouts without having to plan what to do for the day. You, however, have to pay $38 as a monthly subscription fee to access those work-outs.

Features a Smart Display

As mentioned above, hydrow features a smart tablet display fixed in front of the machine. You can connect this tablet to your WiFi to stream your favorite work-out videos and follow through as you work-out. This tablet incorporates Bluetooth connectivity and in-built speakers. You can choose to listen to music or videos out loud or connect to your wireless earphones to avoid distracting others in your house. The LCD monitor, in addition to displaying work-out videos, can take you to a representation of a natural location where you view yourself in actual scenery. You can change scenery from a river to a lake or any other beautiful scenery you desire.

Being able to place you in an actual and seemingly natural location motivates you to get the most out of your work-out. The monitor’s touch screen feature and simple controls allow you to easily select your work-outs. The touch screen remains responsive even when your fingers become sweaty.

Computer Controls

Unlike a traditional rowing machine, hydrow has commercial-grade components that are computer-controlled. When working out, you use the computer to control the machine’s resistance giving you a seamless experience. You can quickly change from one work-out resistance to another without having to stop your work-out. You feel as if you are gliding on real water. This experience allows you to work-out your full body, unlike a peloton bike in which you mostly strengthen your lower body. Being computer-controlled, and with high-quality parts, this machine is amazingly silent. It will not make any noise as you work-out. You can comfortably work-out at home without having to distract other members of your family.


Hydrow rowing machines are easier to keep in your household than a peloton bike. Despite its size when in use, you can easily break down the hydrow machine into small components. It is thus easy to store the components parts, and assemble them only when you need to use the machine. You can also get an upright storage kit in which you store the machine in an upright or vertical position after use. You might have to pay more for the storage kit, but it is worth the money. It also has wheels that allow you to easily move it from one place to another if you need to work-out in a different location.

Additional Features

The hydrow rowing machine is ideal for individuals who are at any training level. Apart from its amazing inbuilt features, the machine comes with extra accessories such as a polar rate monitor, wireless headphones, and access to unlimited profile settings. With unlimited profiles, any person in your household that wants to create a profile can do so. This means that several people can use the hydrow machine and have their private profiles to track their performance. Lastly, the machine comes with a whole year’s warranty, so can have it replaced in case it gets damaged, but under terms and conditions.