Historically sports bras were only designed for those hot moist workouts or sports sessions. But over more fresh times they have become a fashion popular. Visible on tracks and in parks worldwide.  More and more women are choosing comfort over cleavage and restoration their everyday bra with a sports bra.

As a rule, sports bras are not designed to be sexy. Hence are no engagement for a black lacy number on a romantic night.  But when we think of the practicalities of looking after our breasts daily, sports bras can be a great preference.


Not only great for exercise. Many FIRM ABS Sports Bras are beautifully comfortable for wearing every day if you make the best choice in style, size and crash level.  An amazing interest is that sports bras are made from moisture-wicking, breathable fabric. This is wonderful on those warmer days to keep you cool pretty than hot and sweaty in your normal everyday bra.

The bands on sports bras are designed to stay put. And can be larger or padded to prevent them from digging into your shoulders. Modern technical designs and materials, make sports bras just as comfortable as their everyday supplement.


Sports bras offer great scope than everyday bras. This not only helps with rest but can also provide confidence to bend and twist without having to check your breast tissue back into your bra behind.  If you like low line tops but it is not relevant to show extra cleavage at work, and an attentive colored sports bra or sports crop can be a great solution.


Sports bras can also add creative styling to your outfit. Some have great back details which work well with low back tops.  There are also some latest crops that can be ruined alone in the summer or under an open jacket.

Some designs are just meant to be seen!  Consider making a statement with a low neckline or low armhole tank in a dark colour with a bright or patterned sports bra.


The added support is ideal for bigger busts and for anyone who is moving about lots in their daily life. Be it chasing your youngster at the park or working in a physically ambitious job such as nursing or gardening.  The last thing you want to be worried about is glance off your breasts. Or even breast tissue loses out the top of your bra as you bend over.

Sports bra’s used to be all about compression. Which often created the fear of a flattened look or uni-boob for bigger busts. Ok during a sweaty workout but not very favorable under your work shirt. Fortunately, there are now many sports bras that are designed to enclose your breasts (like a firm hug!) and provide a great breast shape.  However, if your most comfortable sports bra does reduce or flattens your chest. Or you like this decreasing effect, this is fine. It is only surface and there are no long-term consequences with wearing this bra style. After all, comfort is Queen!