There are numerous different sports betting strategies and some of those work better than others. Making money from sports betting is always challenging and even more when you employ no winning strategy. At the same time, there are highly successful professional sports bettors who make living from the industry and many of them rely on Martingale System or the Martingale sports betting strategy. This system does not only with sports betting but also with online casino games such as Roulette or Blackjack on

So, what is the Martingale System? In the most basic terms, employing the Martingale sports betting system means you double every losing wager until you finally win. Therefore, if you invest $10 as your first bet and you lose, you invest $20 on your next bet. If you wager $10 and your bet wins, you wager another $10 and set your profit aside. While this is the most basic explanation of the Martingale System, there is much more to it.

Is the Martingale System a Good Sports Betting Strategy?

The Martingale System was popularized in France in the eighteenth century. In the beginning, the Martingale System, which is explained in more detail on AmericaGambles, included a whole class of different betting strategies and even back then, the most popular and the most used strategery was the one that involved around doubling losing bets. According to different sources, the strategy was invented by John Henry Martindale but there are some historians who believe it was invented by Jean Ville.

Either way, this is one of the simplest as well as one of the most famous betting strategies that in theory works perfectly but can be quite tricky when used in the real world. As mentioned in the previous section, employing the strategy means doubling your losing bets until you win. This means that your first win recovers all losses plus brings a profit that is equal to your original stake. Since stakes can get very high very quickly, it is always recommended to start with a small original bet as doubling the wagers make them rise in progression.

Unless you have a massive budget to play with, starting with a smaller stake is something to consider. If you start with a bigger stake, after several losses, the best rise rapidly and without a budget to keep up with these rising stakes, the Martingale System cannot work. Generally, it does work and it is a great betting strategy for people with bigger budgets. Charles Wells made enormous profits from Roulette back in his day using this betting system and this leads us to the biggest benefits of betting with this system.

Benefits of Using the Martingale Betting System

  • Very simple to use
  • Excellent for short-term sports betting
  • Recovery of losses
  • Appropriate for both beginners and experts

One of the biggest advantages of using the Martingale System in sports betting is its simplicity. Since the system is extremely simple to understand, anyone including beginners can use it effectively. You do not need a degree to figure out its basics as everything revolves around doubling the most basic numbers. The Martingale System when employed correctly guarantees you profit in addition to guaranteeing you recover all your previous losses before placing your winning bet.

After a series of losses, your first win is enough to offset all the previous losses. Using this sports betting strategy is also the best option if you are looking forward to generating short-term profits. At the same time, many professional sports bettors use it to generate long-term profits. The system can be employed in betting on a wide range of sports with live betting on Tennis matches one of the common ways to apply it. 

The Martingale System is equally appropriate for both beginners and experts which is another benefit. Therefore, if you have a decent budget and you are looking for a sports betting strategy that actually works, consider using this system.