On Thursday night into early Friday morning there were reports that the Steelers and Bills were working on a trade that would have sent Antonio Brown to Buffalo.  According to the reports that followed, the deal fell apart when Brown refused to commit to going to Buffalo.

Some on Twitter think the deal fell apart because of an alleged affair between Bills safety Jordan Poyer’s wife, Rachel Bush, and Brown prior to the couple’s wedding.  Rachel admitted to doing “things before they were married”, after he had a cheating scandal of his own this summer with a woman from Buffalo

Bush never revealed what those things were or who they were with.  It was rumored at the time that she slept with Antonio Brown, either the week or day before she married Poyer.

If the rumors are true, that would have certainly made for an awkward locker room situation.  Whether or not the alleged affair had anything to do with the deal falling apart is hard to say.  Brown would pretty much have to come out and say so, which we don’t anticipate he’s going to do.  

If it did play a part, it was likely only part of the reason.  Brown probably doesn’t want to play in Buffalo either.  He’s likely hoping to land on a team that’s a piece or two away from contending for a Super Bowl.  The Bills aren’t that team.

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