People all over the world have been confined to their homes during the last few months – and during this period of self-isolation may have missed out on their regular gym experience, however they have also been exposed to the possibilities of enjoying a great workout in the comfort of their own homes. After all, why put up with the crowds when you can watch TV or enjoy a great value, healthy snack when you finish up your home gym session (after showering in your own shower)? 

For many consumers looking for the ultimate in-home gym experience the choice of which home gym system and equipment to purchase can be a confusing one – there are simply so many makes and models on the market. Those who want to enjoy the convenience of a home gym also need to balance out the cost of the equipment with the benefits.

For many people, the Total Gym Fit has been their system of choice. Total Gym has built and an exceptional reputation for providing equipment which is not only excellent value for money – but also allows users to enjoy a huge variety of exercise options and workouts with a single system. 

So when evaluating the Total Gym Fit what are some factors to keep in mind?

Firstly, the Total Gym Fit is a gravity gym. It harnesses gravity and the user’s body weight to provide an exceptional home gym experience. The design means that there is no need to lift and change heavyweights to get the most out of the home gym experience- and this means that the user can switch exercises easily, with very little effort and a waste of time. Users can also change their preferred approach from core exercises, muscle building, weight loss programs, and aerobic exercise all by using a single piece of equipment (or add some accessories to get even more out of their home gym experience, in fact, the gym has received high praise for the cross-training experience). 

The Total Gym Fit has 12 resistance settings and allows the user access to 85 exercises which focus on strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Exercises such as squats, leg presses, crunches, and pull-ups are all easy to enjoy and set up using the ‘Glide board’ padded bench. 

The Total Gym Fit comes ready assembled and complete with seven DVD’s to ensure that the user gets the most from their workout routine. The fact that the gym can easily cope with users with a bodyweight of up to 450 pounds makes it ideal for those who are starting on their journey to a fitness orientated lifestyle – or for those looking to build up significant body mass. 

At an average price of around $1,500 the Total Gym Fit is priced at the midpoint for gyms of similar quality. However, there is an important consideration for those who are considering investing – the Total Gym reputation. This is a company that has provided thousands of users with proven equipment that enhances their home workout experience. For those wishing to explore the convenience and effectiveness of a home gym, this equipment is well worth serious consideration.