Denver Nuggets guard Isaiah Thomas said this week the desire to feel wanted led him to sign with the Nuggets in free agency.After officially inking his contract, Thomas told’s Christopher Dempsey, “I just wanted to be wanted. Being wanted is half the battle. When somebody wants you as bad as you want that opportunity, it sort of always works out.”

Thomas went on to explain money didn’t play a significant role in his decision:

“The thing that I wanted was the opportunity to play, the opportunity to show who I am again, show the world what I bring to the table. And, at the same time, just being able to have that opportunity. I didn’t care about the money. I didn’t care about none of that. I cared about being able to showcase my skills and be in a good environment. I don’t know too many players on this team, but from the outside, looking in it seems like they love playing with each other and they love being around each other and they had a good atmosphere and I wanted to be a part of that.”

Now he may want to rethink that. as the Thomas’ are adding one more to the mix. Check out the post below, looks like a bundle of joy is on the way.  

Congrats to IT and his wife. Hopefully life in Denver works out for the NBA’s mighty mouse.