Looks as if Gisele has moved on from Tom Brady. 

Gisele was spotted out on the town with Joaquim Valente, a Jiu-Jitsu instructor. The picture of the two is the first since the dramatic divorce between Tom Brady and Bündchen, which ended their 13-year marriage last month. While there were signs her relationship with Tom Brady was on the rocks weeks before the ultimate split, it’s unclear how long Gisele has been with Joaquim Valente.

Bündchen’s new boyfriend seems to be a mystery, keeping much of his social media private.

Via Page Six:

He and Bündchen go way back

Along with Valente’s brothers, Pedro and Gui, Joaquim and the former Victoria’s Secret model did a photoshoot for Dust Magazine — and the images were just re-shared on the Valente Brothers’ Instagram page four days ago.

In fact, the Valente Brothers were even Bündchen’s instructors, whom she called “awesome teachers,” earlier this year.

“I believe the more tools we have in our toolbox the better,” Bündchen wrote on Instagram at the time. “I feel stronger, more confidence and empowered since I started practicing self-defense. I feel it’s an important skill for all, but specially for us women.”

At the time of posting, Tom Brady, Bündchen’s now-ex-husband, reacted to the post, writing, “You never cease to amaze me.”

Bündchen revealed she had taken up Jiu-Jitsu classes on Instagram last year.

Despite her split with Brady, the reports are the two are on the same page as far as their kids go.

Love isn’t easy, but it’s only a matter of time before Tom moves on too.

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