Houston Texans star J.J. Watt took exception to a Twitter user who criticized him using a tweet of his grieving the loss of his great-grandmother Sunday night.

Watt posted a message Sunday about the passing of his great-grandmother saying: “Rest peacefully beautiful soul. Thank you for being the guiding light of our family for so many years. 101 years is a truly remarkable run. We love you Great-Grandma. You will be forever missed.”

Then a Twitter user with the handle “MAMA_NISHIA” copied a link to Watt’s tweet about his great-grandmother and added the message, “Missed like those Hurricane Harvey funds,” taking a shot at the Texans star’s distribution of Harvey-related funding that was raised following the 2017 hurricane.

Watt then copied a link to the poster’s response with the message:

 “Thank you for being so considerate on a post about the death of my great-grandmother. If you care to take even half a second to click on my page, you’d see the top “pinned” tweet (since August) that explains exactly where/how the funds are being used. Have a great day.”

Watt’s response has been re-tweeted and liked more than 13,000 times as of early Monday morning.

The Twitter user even retweeted Watt’s tweet. 

No one cares if they offend, they just want the attention. 

That’s exactly what the hater set out to do. 

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