Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith has a lot of tattoos.  He says one of his new additions will get him fined if he doesn’t cover it up.

The tattoo in question is his new “Supreme” ink on the back of his lower right leg.

I swear I’m the only person they do shit like this to! So you mean to tell me i have to cover up my tattoo for what? You don’t make people cover up Jordan logos NIKE checks or anything else but because it’s me it’s a problem all of a sudden!!! Shit whack

The tattoo doesn’t seem like a big deal, right?  The issue is NBA’s exclusive deal with Nike.  Supreme is a competitor.  

You can have almost anything tattooed on your body and exposed, you just can’t mess with their money.  

As much as the NBA tries to pretend they’re different from the other leagues, they’re still in the business of making money.