If you’re into MMA, chances are you’re excited to do some sports betting on the upcoming Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul match. But things are already getting interesting even before the match. It’s not uncommon for MMA stars to threaten each other, and that is exactly what happened recently with the two fighters. Tyron Woodley warned the YouTuber and claimed he might not be able to return to the sport afterward. 

What Did Logan Paul Say?

People have been keeping a close eye on Jake Paul, the YouTuber who joined MMA along with his brother Logan Paul. After beating opponents and creating a lot of hype around his matches, the 24-year old will face Tyron Woodley, a former UFC champion. 

It seems that Jake Paul is taking this approaching match seriously. Apparently, he is putting a lot of effort into beating the former UFC star. He also doesn’t shy away from slander whenever he mentions Woodley in discussions. 

“I know that [he’s my toughest opponent],” he said. “That’s why Aug. 29, I have to be super, super sharp. People forget that boxing is the first form of martial arts. When the bell rings in MMA, it’s two guys standing on their feet. It’s a skill that Tyron’s been practicing way longer than I have.”

He then continued, “However, I believe in my ability, I believe in my skill and just my natural talents. You’re either born with speed and knockout power or you’re not. I just so happen to have that. That’s why I know no matter what happens, no matter how good Tyron is on Aug. 29, I’m going to still go in there and get the ‘W.’ He is serious and we’ve taken him more seriously than any opponent thus far.”

What Did Woodley Say?

Of course, Woodley had to also talk about his upcoming match with the YouTuber, and he wasn’t kind. He spoke to Ariel Helwani on MMA Hour, and he mentioned how Jake has way more pressure on him to fight. 

“This was my lifestyle before it became a sport before it became a career. This was a bucket list thing he wanted to try, his following allowed him to do so. But this is in my DNA, it’s all I’ve been doing since I was a kid,” he declared. 

Woodley is more than ready to fight Jake Paul, and he is sure he will be victorious. “I’m here to f***ing takeover. You’re gonna see Jake Paul get hurt in a way you’d never imagine. He may not want to do this again after this,” the former UFC star said. 

Now, all we can do is wait for the fight and see which one of the fighters will end up winning.