Jakub Voracek is not happy the Senators were videotaped trash-talking the team by an Uber driver in Phoenix, Arizona, during Ottawa’s late-October road trip.

They apologized to the fans. 

But he’s not feeling very sorry for the Uber driver. 

“I guarantee that every single person who has a boss, every sports team in the world can guarantee it happens everywhere,” Voracek said Wednesday. “And I can guarantee that the coaches behind the door talk about the players. It happens everywhere all the time Voracek told NBC’s John Boruk

“You go out for a beer, you go out for dinner, it happens. The coaches vent about the players when they go out to dinner about who f—ing sucks, who’s playing bad, who’s playing better. It happens everywhere. So now it comes out, they’re making a big deal. I don’t think they said anything bad, just that their PK and their PP sucks.” 

What was the Uber driver’s motivation was behind posting the video?

The incident will certainly serve the Flyers as a reminder that not every conversation between teammates will be a confidential one.

“I guess it’s sad about where society is going,” Brian Elliott said. “I think it’s the best thing they could have done was take an Uber out for dinner or out for drinks that night. It’s just kind of sad that it comes out like that. Hopefully, you’ll conduct yourself that you shouldn’t have to watch your back like that, but I’m sure there are situations you want private. That’s the social media world of today.”

Big Brother is always watching. Be careful what you say, even when you think you’re in privacy.