Despite Jalen Ramsey’s request for a trade, the Jacksonville Jaguars are not interested in trading the Pro Bowl cornerback, or he would have been sent away by now, league sources told ESPN.

Ramsey still is adamant that he wants to be traded, and this stance sets up a potential showdown between the player and the team to see which side gets what it wants.

In the coming days, once the Jaguars return to practice Monday, Ramsey could try to force the team’s hand.

In the meantime Jalen is posting hints online.  

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Like the latest suggesting he wants to  play for the Raiders. 

In the picture the legendary rapper is half-smiling at the camera while sporting the black hoodie with the name “Los Angeles Raiders” barely visible.

The image was part of a promotional shoot for the album “2Pacalypse Now” and there are others in the series where the team name is more noticeable.

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