Former NBA player and current analyst Jalen Rose claimed that Kawhi Leonard is currently the best player in the NBA on the show ‘Get Up’.

Rose gave his reasons for ranking Leonard over LeBron James, insisting that Leonard’s accomplishments last season pushed him past James for the time being.

” I can’t go in to this years training camp and act like Kawhi Lenard didn’t just go to the Raptors, and win the championship, Finals MVP, shoot down the Philadelphia 76ers, take out the Greek Freak, take out the Golden State Warriors without KD, and LeBron’s team didn’t make the playoffs? I gotta give Kawhi the number one spot right now…the king of the court has to be Kawhi.”
Jalen Rose argues that Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the NBA and says he would choose Kawhi over LeBron James to start a franchise with.
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