NBA analyst Jalen Rose first expressed his opinion that Kyrie Irving doesn’t want the Celtics to win without him prior to Game 4 on Monday night.  

Rose explained the thought further on Jalen & Jacoby on Tuesday by saying it was “human nature” for Kyrie to want the Celtics to lose without him.

Rose might be reading a little bit more into what is going on here.  There’s no doubt about it Kyrie would rather the Celtics win with him on the floor, but would he go as far as hoping they lose?

That’s a bit much.  Kyrie’s going to be a superstar in this league with the Celtics, or if they manage to win a ring without him and decide he’s expendable, on another roster. 

If he’s hoping his team loses without him, then he has the wrong mindset.  Kyrie should be hoping the Celtics win and then he should do everything he can to carry them back there next season.  That’s what a champion does.