At some point after New York’s 23-3 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Monday night, Jamal Adams removed all references to the Jets from his social media bios and unfollowed the team from his accounts.

Adams was on the bench for the final five plays of that loss and confirmed during an appearance on WFAN Tuesday afternoon that he was benched.

“I tried to anticipate a play and anticipated it wrong. They benched me,” Adams said.

He called the social media issue “outside noise” multiple times and said that he’s “just focused on this team.” That team has had a brutal start to the season, but Adams said he still believed the team can be a winner.

“I strongly believe so. It’s a special place. It’s a special atmosphere at MetLife,” Adams said. “We just have to get it together. . . . We just have to keep fighting.”

Things won’t get any easier,  the Jets play the Patriots this Sunday. 

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