Political pundit and New Orleans native James Carville went on ESPN’s College GameDay on Saturday morning and laid out an SEC conspiracy that favors Alabama.  

Carville pointed out that prior to Saturday’s game against LSU in Baton Rouge, Tennessee, Texas A&M and Mizzou have all had their best defensive player due to suspensions for parts of games against the Crimson Tide.

LSU will be added to that list on Saturday when linebacker Devin White misses the first half against Alabama because of a targeting call late in last weekend’s game.

Carville is clearly not a fan of the Commissioner of the SEC Greg Sankey and in addition to his conspiracy theory, Carville wore a sweatshirt with some NSFW words in Cajun on it.

ESPN later apologized to Sankey for Carville’s appearance on GameDay.

I love everything about this.  The conspiracy, the sweatshirt and ESPN apologizing.  It’s college football at its finest.