Houston Rockets superstar James Harden is on a historic run over the past 13 games.  

He’s scored 40 or more in five straight games during that stretch. He hasn’t scored fewer than 30 points in almost a month. 

And we all know about his off the court scoring! 

That’s been well documented right here.  

Let’s breakdown Harden’s roster: 

There’s Harden’s main girl Arab Money: 


Justice LaRue 

And Ashanti: 

Now it appears as there is one more girl on James’ roster, and this mystery lady had a child with James. 

He is the Father. 

Check out the screenshots below: 

The tipster wanted us to put it out there, let everyone know James is accepting responsibility. 

With each and every tip, we do our best to come up with enough proof to post.  

In this case, the girl remains anonymous and safe.  

We’re still waiting to hear back on the birth certificate documents, or any other credible proof.  

We won’t hold our breath. 

Congrats to James on the new baby! 


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