Earlier this month we posted a story about an alleged baby James Harden had with a mystery woman.  

At the time we received the tip, there was no mention of the name of the woman who ‘allegedly’ had a baby with the Houston Rockets superstar. 

Here’s the post below: 

Now we’re hearing the woman in question may be one of James’ lady friends, Ashlee Monroe. 

You may remember Ashlee if you read us on the daily, James flew Ashlee out to Game three of the playoffs last May.  

Our source now tells us a Houston Rockets player was the father, because she spent most of her pregnancy going to their games, home and away games.

Well she ended up giving birth to the baby, a little boy, and now more talk is starting to go around, and it’s leading towards James Harden being the father. 

Here’s the initial email we were sent in. 

No confirmation from Ashlee if James is the father, but those online think the baby looks a lot like the reigning NBA MVP. 

Take a look at some pics below, you can judge for yourself. 

A chip off the old block. 

Take a look at some pics of James’ alleged baby mama Ashlee below: 

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