It appears Houston Rockets MVP James Harden may be upset over one of his hookups possibly straying, and hooking up with Drake. 

We posted earlier, showing Drake hanging with Nicole, who was previously spending time with the Houston Rockets star. 

Drake allegedly bought her a very expensive watch.

Harden went on his IG story, and posted this face, prompting many to think it 100% has to do with Drake messing with his girl. 

Check out the screenshot below: 

James can’t be too upset, he’s currently spending most of his free time with Arabmoneyy. 

That being said, if he and Drake are tight, and Drake used him to meet up with her, then I suppose Harden could be pissed. 

Especially if she’s still active in James’ rotation. 

I’m sure they’ll figure out. 

Check out more pics of the girl James and Drake are fighting over. 

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