A couple of weeks ago it was rumored that Jason Witten was going to come out of retirement and re-join the Cowboys.  That didn’t turn out to be true, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying.

According to ESPN, head coach Jason Garrett has reached out to the former Cowboys tight end multiple times.  

Dallas is thin at the position and want a guy who can come right in and contribute, so far Witten has been able to resist.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has made multiple attempts this season to get former Dallas tight end Jason Witten to come out of retirement and help the Cowboys in their postseason push, league sources told ESPN.

Witten has resisted those overtures, some of which came in recent weeks, as tempting as it might have been to help his former team, sources said.

Football fans everywhere would celebrate the move.  Because if Witten’s back on the Cowboys, he’s out of the Monday Night Football booth and that’s great for everyone.