Jason McIntyre said his one takeaway from Baker Mayfield’s performance of Thursday night was that he had his phone in his hand after the game.

The FS1 weasel first claimed the Jets didn’t have tape on Mayfield and weren’t prepared for him, which was a complete lie.  Anyone who watched the game knows that it was mentioned during the broadcast that the Jets did prepare for the possibility that Mayfield would play.

Sure they didn’t focus on Mayfield, but there is plenty of tape on the Heisman Trophy winner.  To then compare Mayfield to Le’Veon Bell, because he had his phone in his hand after a game is beyond idiotic.

Mayfield is a 23-year-old kid who grew up with a phone in his hand.  Is he checking social media or texting his mother?  Either way it doesn’t matter.  

It’s such an absurd take there’s no way he actually believes it.  McIntyre has to be playing a character.

The only takeaway from last night is that Baker Mayfield is not Johnny Manziel 2.0 and he should be the Browns starting quarterback.  Sure the performance came against the Jets, but he definitely showed he can play quarterback in the NFL.