“Kristin never had an issue with Jay for being lazy—this wasn’t the problem at all. Those stories are all BS,” a source says. “Kristin’s issue was how he behaved with her, their family, friends and fans. That was the problem that caused their marriage to shut down. He would be really rude and dismissive of anyone who would approach her.”

Another source says the former NFL quarterback was rude to fans who just wanted to say hi to them in public.

“He’d quickly shoo them away or roll his eyes to their face as they’d ask for a photograph”

“Jay simply had no time or tolerance for them and this would embarrass her.”

“It was how he acted throughout their entire marriage and that’s what caused it to end. Once a jerk, always a jerk,” the source says, adding, “As the years went on, Cutler stopped having any time for Kristin. He pushed her away, made her feel isolated. Even when they were in the same house, she felt alone with their children. He’d always be in a bad mood and closed off. There was ice running through his veins and he couldn’t have been colder or more distant.”

“His behavior when they filmed her reality show was at an all-time low. If he wasn’t happy with how something had come across, he would take his microphone off and storm off. This horrified Kristin and he was lucky that she was an executive producer as it meant that those scenes and his horrible behavior never made it on television.”

Jay was most likely a Jerk before they met, so this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. 

The guy’s face just screams  “I’m a jerk


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