Via Steelers Depot:

“You know, someone asked me in The Athletic and they asked me about something with Ben and I think fitness … I’m like, ‘Hey, let’s not use the term fitness with Roethlisberger.’ And I started going over his fitness, which is true. But nothing I said, by the way, was false. A good offseason for Ben Roethlisberger had been maybe a hot yoga session. I’ll never forget when he’d tell, ‘Oh, I had a great offseason, did hot yoga and then golf and beer.’ And that’s pretty much a great offseason for him. But Ben’s different. Listen, he’s a Hall of Fame quarterback. There’s no taking that back. And I’m not saying he wasn’t. He’s not exactly Jack LaLanne, though, let’s be honest, people. And all the people or ripping me over it.”

When you have thoughts on a guy, it’s really hard to walk them back.  Glazer isn’t saying anything that isn’t already known about Big Ben, but it’s something about the way he says and keeps saying it.

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