Jay Williams placed the blame for Kevin Durant’s torn Achilles squarely on the back of the Warriors medical staff.  Williams said he knew for a fact that KD was told there was no chance that he could injure his Achilles if he played.

“Ultimately this falls on the Golden State Warriors.  He got misdiagnosed.  He got misdiagnosed.  I know for a fact that he was told, that will a torn calf, a partially torn calf, that it unloaded the pressure on the Achilles, and there was no chance that the Achilles could be injured at all.”

Williams then blasted the Warriors for not telling the truth when it came to KD’s return.  He said the plan all along was for him to comeback in Game 5 or Game 6.

No wonder the Warriors president was crying following the injury.  He knows his medical staff screwed up royally.

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