Former NBA player & ESPN analyst Jay Williams as he hits back at Charles Barkley for his recent comments criticizing Adam Silver’s statements on anxiety and depression among NBA players, citing how much money NBA players are worth and how they have no reason to be sad or complain.

During today’s episode, Williams fired back at Barkley, explaining why his comments were upsetting, and how they only create more challenges for people struggling with anxiety and depression to open up about their issues.

“You may have made money and been a superstar, but you don’t walk in their shoes of those individuals. So show empathy towards that and let’s help people saying that, ‘I have issues,’ instead of attacking them. I get pissed off about that.”

Below are sharable links to the full response from Jay:

Williams, is one of the most outspoken mental health advocates among the NBA community, having overcome his own personal battles with depression and anxiety after a motorcycle accident abruptly ended his NBA career, after his rookie season. 

This is exactly what fills time on sports talk TV. 

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