Washington Nationals slugger Jayson Werth was in attendance for the State of the Union. He was really blown away by the scope of it all, and was inspired? Really?!?

 “I didn’t really know what to expect coming in. This was the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. Been working with these guys with organic farming and doing some stuff for the farm bill. But I was really inspired. I felt like it was a great time to be an American, and I thought President Trump did a great job. He hit all the points, and he spoke really well, and I was inspired.” 

 According toTheWashington Post, he was invited by Illinois Rep. Rodney Davis:

The answer (to getting a ticket to the address), apparently, is to go gluten-free, start eating only organic food, open your own organic farm in Southern Illinois, play a few MLB games in Washington, address the Organic Trade Association in a speech that included multiple references to “quails,” make a lobbying trip to the Hill in early December, meet the congressman for your farm’s district, hit it off and snag an invite.

Jayson Werth is fun to watch play baseball, not sure I want to hear much more from him off the field.