Derrick Favors and Mason Plumlee were ejected in the first quarter of the Jazz and Nuggets game in Utah on Wednesday night.  The scuffle broke out after Plumlee was fouled.

The fight was overshadowed by a fan in a blue sweater, who seemed eager to get involved. 

The man in the blue sweater caught the eye of everyone who was watching the game, including Nuggets reporter Katy Winge.  She interviewed the man and his daughters:

So I talked to blue sweater guy and his daughters…

Daughters: “we like to think he was protecting us, but he told us he wanted to get in on the fight.”

Dad: “look, I wanted to intervene, to get in there. But I also know Mason Plumlee would’ve kicked my a**. I am a Jazz fan.”

The man made the right decision by staying in the stands.  You don’t want to mix it up with a Plumlee.