Aaron Judge and the Yankees are headed to Miami tomorrow for a two game series with the Marlins on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Although Judge is still recovering from a wrist injury, he should be making the trip.

There to greet him will be his ex Jen Flaum, who appears to be back in the picture after their dinner date.  She is already in Miami and made sure to have a picture taken on Sunday to confirm it.

According to our tipster, this is Jen’s go to move.  She will have a friend post something so everyone knows she’s with her star boyfriend without posting it herself.

Jen Flaum is off to bragging again on her friends instagram that she is in Miami where the Yankees are playing next. She did this last season too. She would have her friends post every game she was at with them so it isn’t her doing it.

Considering this is her go to move, it will probably become a regular occurrence now that she appears to be back in the picture.  When she does we will be here to post it.