A bartender from New York says she’s seen Aaron Judge several times talking to plenty of girls, but never with his ex-girlfriend Jen Flaum, who claims to still be in the picture.  The bartender’s sister-in-law reached out to Jen in the DMs and she responded by saying she would let Judge know about her concerns.

It seems like you have a lot of Aaron Judge info on your site so I figured I would send this. I only knew who this Jen Flaum girl was because of your page always having stories about her being shady and gloating about everything and now I know why. I am a bartender at 2 NYC bars and see Mets and Yankees players come in on the regular. I told my sister in law that I see Aaron Judge come in but never with that Jen girl and talking to plenty of girls while he is there. My sister in law DM’d Jen and told her this and instead of acknowledging the fact that what she was saying was true she instead took the time to be bizarre and google the profile picture my SIL had of her family and said it was fake because she found it on there. It was the picture from the company who took the photo so she didn’t really find much. Jen DM’d her back telling her thanks for the info and she will tell him later about it. The dm back was just to say that she would be seeing him later which of course who knows if that’s true since she was staring at her Instagram only at midnight to see my SIL’s response immediately from the afternoon. My SIL’s intentions were good and now she is even blocked by her. If she doesn’t believe what she said fine ignore her and move on but no need to say you will tell him later other than to gloat. Doesn’t seem too trustworthy. He seems like he tries to keep a low profile and tries to be private and from what I hear her and her friends dm people all the time telling info about him. 

At this point Jen just can’t help herself.  She’s going to mix it up in the DMs and keep making it known she’s still in the picture in some way.