Since we broke the Aaron Judge and Jen Flaum dinner date story (thanks to a tipster) the tips have continued to pour in.  Most of them haven’t painted Judge’s ex in a favorable light and are concerned that she’s back in the picture for one thing and one thing only, the attention.

This most compelling of the tips was this one.  It claims back when the couple first starting dating that Jen bragged about getting asked to take a picture, because she was Judge’s girlfriend.  The tip also claims that she sent out the DM of Judge asking her out to people she went to school with. 

Sounds like a couple of red flags…

I saw you posted before about Judge out with his ex. Don’t know if anyone let you know how bad this girl is using him for attention. These two pictures are from last season in September when they first started dating. The one is from her friends Instagram story bragging about her getting asked for a picture because she was his girlfriend and the second is the dm he originally sent her asking her out that she sent out to people from her old college to brag about him sending her a dm. This girl is bad news and it makes him look really bad that he may be back with her.

It doesn’t look like the actions of someone who is okay with keeping their relationship on the down low.  We’ll have to keep our eye on her (and keep getting help from our tipsters) to see if she is indeed back in the picture or they were just a couple of friends catching up over dinner.