Jennifer Lopez and her former Major League Slugger Alex Rodriguez are supposedly having a baby, and a marriage. 

Reports suggest the two are not having a “wedding and a baby,” contrary to a new tabloid cover story.   The couple still isn’t engaged, as of yet. 

The cover of In Touch actually gives the impression that Lopez and Rodriguez have already wed with the teaser, “Inside Their $10 Million Ceremony.” Another line states, “Flies 250 Friends And Family To Italy,” with an arrow pointing to a photo of Rodriguez and Lopez in a boat. The caption reads, “Private Time Together Before The Big Day.” This is a bait-and-switch, as inside the issue, the headline is, “J.Lo & Alex: We’re Getting Married (And Having A Baby!).”

This is what happens when you pair two stars together. A-Rod and J-Lo help sell magazines, and of course it’s going to be with headlines like these. Of course J-Lo isn’t a spring chicken anymore, so I’m not sure kids are in their future.