J-Lo stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday and, during a round of “Burning Questions” with Ellen, Lopez reveals her favorite body part both on herself and on A-Rod 

“My abs,” she says of her favorite thing, before DeGeneres turned the question to her former pro-baseball player boyfriend.

“Oh,” Lopez says while laughing and blushing. 

“Stop,” she adds when the host starts looking at her suggestively.

“What could you not do without?” DeGeneres questions.

“I’m going to say I love his arms,” Lopez decides, amid constant teasing from DeGeneres. “Stop. Don’t.”

When it’s DeGeneres’ turn to answer the question she certainly doesn’t disappoint.

“You’re a sick person. You are a sick person,” Lopez responds through laughter. “Wow.”

“I’m surprised that’s not yours, but anyway,”  

Later in the game, Lopez also shares that she sleeps in a T-shirt, while A-Rod opts for underwear at night. And while Lopez counts rats as her biggest fear, DeGeneres hilariously reveals her unusual pick for scariest thing.

J-Lo is the best. 

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