We first posted a story about the Premiere League’s Jermain Defoe allegedly getting his stripper girlfriend Rachel Calvert pregnant.  Now we’ve learned that he’s posted a 3 year anniversary message to Rachel, despite being linked to several other women during this time.

He has posted today about his 3 years anniversary with the stripper yet he was in official relationships with 2 other women of the first year so he has basically admitted he has cheated on them two Along with meeting Sally Weston the hot tub lady he denied the affair with. 

I have attached photos of Meghan the first gf from Canada who he dated until jan 2016, then the photos of Leanne who he got pregnant they were July 2016… but he claims 3 year anniversary which would be sept 2015, also the stripper never told her husband until feb 2016 it was over.

Also a photo of Sally at a Bournemouth game since he denied the affair and knowing her and that was while he was at Sunderland but she’s now at Bournemouth games.

We were also sent over a picture of Defoe in his Calvin Kleins that our source says was a picture he sent to Sally Weston.

He sent the original photo to Sally Weston, and she has screen shot it from their WhatsApp convo hence the name save and the date and stared so she favourited the photo and sent him to show, he has not realised and resent it to someone else thinking it was the original photo. If you zoom into the photo you can see the brown and blonde hair and the eyes of the photos at the bottom of the photos and you can see Sally has sent him photos back with her legs open and his photo is her laptop background, also her ex husband confirmed to me the little boy was her nephew.

Click the picture to see the full pic.