Super Bowl LIII was held in Atlanta this year and when it came down to the black community, folks said #ImWithKap.

Jay-Z reached out to artists to ask them not to support the NFL because of Former San Francisco 49’ers Quarterback  Colin Kaepernick still being unemployed due to kneeling.  

With Jermaine Dupri Being the unofficial “Mayor of Atlanta”, he decided to do something great for the city and produce a weekend of concerts in Centennial Park.

Jermaine was then called a “trader” and a list of other insulting names for his “support” of Super Bowl Weekend.  

Fast-forward to the NFL season approaching, the media announced Jay-Z and his ROC NATION ventures have made an entertainment deal with the NFL and things became controversial.  

Jermaine Dupri sat down with Big Tigger to clear the air and respond to the comments dealing with the NFL.

Jermaine also opens up about how hurt he was when he was receiving backlash. He also mentions that he has spoken to Jay since the infamous clip of him being “passed kneeling” was released.

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