Last week, owner and general manager Jerry Jones said on 105.3 The Fan that move would not be in the best interest of the team. 

On Tuesday, Jones told the Cowboys’ flagship radio network the team has not had a No. 1 receiver in “several years.”

The Cowboys added Allen Hurns and Deonte Thompson in free agency and drafted Michael Gallup in the third round.

They have combined for 25 catches for 268 yards and one touchdown.

“We still have guys (that) in their way who can make the plays for us and we’ll continue to work the passing game,” Jones said. “Obviously we need to get better in the passing game.”

Jerry is digging his own grave with all his recent comments. 

The Cowboys would most certainly be a lot better with Dez than without him. Last time I checked Dez led the NFL in touchdowns in 2014, and has had 73 total touchdowns. 

He was definitely a legit #1 reciever, and if the Cowboys wouldn’t have screwed over Romo, he’d still be throwing TD’s to Dez.