Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly hosted his 31st annual youth football camp at the Buffalo Bills’ New Era Field on Monday, three days after being released from the hospital following another oral surgery.

“This is my life,” Kelly told the Buffalo News. “This is why I do it. If you don’t love it doing it for 31 years, then something is wrong with you. My heart is in it.”

“I knew I’d be here, but I didn’t know how much I would participate,” he said. “The only part [that’s hard] for me to do a lot of is talking. My upper jaw is completely covered in stitches. But I’ve been hit after games and I was a lot sorer. It’s all good.”

Last week, Mount Sinai West head and neck surgeon Mark Urken performed surgery to add tissue into the upper portion of Kelly’s mouth following a recurrence of his cancer. This dude is tough as nails. Legend.