According to a tipster Timberwolves star Jimmy Butler is dating TV personality and former college basketball player Rachel DeMita.  She was spotted waiting for him after games during the playoff series with the Rockets.

A girl who was spotted waiting for Jimmy Butler after games during the Houston playoff series was said to be Rachel Demita. She was even with his boys and left with him. I know someone who dates one of his teammates. So I was able to attend a couple of games and I saw her, not up close, but when I asked who it was that’s the name I was given.

It would make sense for DeMita to end up with a baller.  The 27 year old was an All-American basketball player at Old Dominion University.

We’ll be keeping our eye out for any more signs that these two are together and as always, if you see something send it our way.  The tip line is always open.