The Philadelphia media was there for Jimmy Butler’s arrival in Philadelphia and were able to ask him a few questions.  He’s excited to get started with his new team and from the sound of it he’s ready to push the young Sixers around like he did with his young teammates in Minnesota.

Via NBC Sports:

“I’m ready to get started, we got a little ways to go, we got some things to figure out. But all-in-all, I look forward to it,” Butler said out the window of the car that picked him up.

What should Sixers fans expect?

“Hard playing. A guy that wants to win. We got some things we want to get done here, we want to win a championship. I think the core group of guys we have, we’ll figure out a way to get it done.”

The Sixers might want to consider keeping their girlfriends far away from Butler.  Some of the rumors that floated around Minnesota had to do with Butler and a teammate’s girlfriend.  It may or may not have happened, but you don’t want to be the one who finds out.