Jimmy Garoppolo went down earlier this year with a season-ending injury leaving bookmakers stunned, and his EX at the time, Alexandra King, had a pretty brutal response to it.

The model posted a one-word reaction to Instagram: Karma.

It was followed by a smiling emoji.

Then her Alexandra King’s Mother chimed in, also mocking Jimmy G’s season ending injury. 

One would think that would signal the end of the Jimmy G Alexandra King era. 


Now it appears she’s back liking his Instagram posts, with our tipster telling us the two are back on speaking terms. 

Check out the screenshots below:

Things apparently didn’t work out with the other guy she was pictured with and claimed she was dating according to our source.  

Even when Jimmy was dating Alexandra, he never admitted it. 

Garoppolo denied that there was anything between the two of them.

Maybe they came to some sort of understanding this time around?

Check out some pics of Jimmy’s possibly back on girl Alexandra King below: 

You can’t keep Jimmy tied down. 

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